We Made Sure Woodberry Could Take Credit Cards On Opening Night

When Woodberry Kitchen needed a quick, and precise payment processing solution, MLJ Processing was there to ensure everything went smooth on opening night. We arrived at the restaurant and had 8 credit card machines working within two hours

State-of-the-Art Payment Processing Machines

At your service, MLJ Processing provides the world’s best products to accompany our award-winning service. We know it doesn’t make much sense to provide anything less than the stellar level of service we deliver, so we have carefully experimented, tested, and continually refine the products we offer.

Choose from a Wide Selection

We have over 40 models of payment process devices, and have special access to some of the best machines in the world.

Flexible Systems to Fit Your Needs

We will never recommend something you won’t need. Let’s speak so we can design a perfect fit for your business.

The deadline for PCI PED compliance is now.Why wait and risk getting fined, when you can have the peace of mind of being compliant with the latest security standards?

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Thought taking credit cards for your business was pricey and required expensive equipment? Think again.

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What you can expect

  • Quality Products

    MLJ Processing customers have access to top-of-the-line payment processing equipment. Whether you are in need of a point-of-sale system, new terminal, or looking for online solutions, MLJ Processing has the product to fit your business. We stay current with the ever-changing technologies, and make certain that our clients are never left behind.

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  • Expert Solutions

    At MLJ Processing, we customize each merchant’s system to meet their individual demands. We understand that the corner store and the chain restaurant at the mall have completely different needs, and we will never try to “force a square peg into a round hole,” when designing a program for our merchants. When you allow us to set up your payment processing plan, you can rest assured that it will be tailor-made to the specifics of your business.

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  • Huge Savings

    We truly believe that this investment in your business is just as important as any other you may make. When you are part of the MLJ Processing network, your business becomes our business. Because our success is now directly tied to yours, we will never play the “rate game,” with you as other processors may try to do. We’ll never hide part of the rate from you, or hook you with temporary low rates that balloon over time.

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  • Phenomenal Support

    MLJ Processing pride ourselves in our unmatched customer service. We provide each of our merchants with a local, personal representative, who is always available for phone consultations or in-person meetings. Our customers know that whenever they need assistance, MLJ Processing will always have someone locally available – never outsourced – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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